Our July Tobermory Charter had an excellent turnout of 17 divers and 5 dive groupies (3 significant others and two canine best friends). We are proud of all of our active and involved dive club members, and their supportive families.


Some divers arrived as early as Thursday 7/27/06 and did some shore diving, however the majority of our members arrived on Friday. I believe this was the first trip to Toby for a few of our divers, including Mike Speer, Victor Johnson, Greg Wood, Rudy Novak, and Ryan Novak,


On Friday 4 divers participated in an afternoon shore dive off of the lighthouse point in Big Tub Harbor, and then four divers participated in the customary Friday evening Nite Dive at the lighthouse. We observed a few large fish and many crawfish, in addition to lots of rocks. On Friday afternoon a group went hiking to the “Caves” also known as the “Grotto” . The geological formation, that we quite often dive from the water side off of our charter boat and enter through the submerged tubes. It encompasses about a 30 minute hike over various terrains through a forest, emerging at the waters edge and the stone cliffs. The story is that Shawn braved the icy water and did some “Cliff Diving “.


On Saturday our charter boat “ Deep Obsession “ from Divers Den Charters, left the harbor at 9 am and the first dive was on the Arabia. The Arabia is becoming a little more collapsed each year, nearly all of the deck has fallen in and a majority of the starboard side especially in the stern area has collapsed into the center of the ship. We had visibility of about 30 ft. on the wreck and a very slight bottom current. While on the Arabia we had one diver experience a free-flowing regulator, which was handled safely along with his dive buddy. The diver switched over to his standard Sea snooper pony bottle and they performed a safe ascent, demonstrating the importance of our clubs safety and skill training .

The second dive of the day was on the Niagra, all went well on this dive and Greg wood got some good still pictures and video that he has downloaded onto disc. Apparently the divers had about the same visibility of 30 ft.. The water temperatures averaged about 65 degrees on the surface and between 41 and 44 degrees on the bottom at approximately 105 ft.. The thermocline began at about 50 ft. on all dives, and both days had very calm and excellent surface conditions. After the diving on Saturday another group of 9 ventured out to the “Caves” for the adventure hike. While there, we had Rudy, Ryan, and Eric our other three intrepid Cliff Divers fling themselves off of the 40 ft. cliff and into the water below repeatedly. After multiple leaps they swam around and free dove into the Grotto through the dark underwater entrances. Eric enjoyed the Cliff Diving so much that he tried his hand at “ Chasm Diving” into the space between the Crows Nest Restaurant and the adjoining grocery store. Much to Eric’s dismay this activity was not as successful as the cliff diving and he required assistance from his comrade’s to exit the Chasm and to retrieve his sandals. It is my pleasure to say that no divers were harmed in the execution of these escapades, ….and so a new legendary story is born, to be repeated from generation to generation throughout the ages !!


On Sunday we dove on the Forest City and the Scoville. Most divers took a new ascent route off of the Forest City by ascending from the bow of the ship up the sloping rock wall to the shallows to perform the safety stop. This differed from the usual ascent procedure, of following the line back to the surface. This was interesting because we found various pieces of debris from the wreck wedged into the rocks and this made the ascent more interesting. Not much to describe for the Scoville, a liberally scattered wreck without many features. We essentially dove on this wreck because of shallower depth and proximity to course line from the Forest City to the harbor. Visibility for both dives was better than Saturday, in the range of 40 ft. plus, with water temperatures about the same and a similar thermocline.


Included in our group was one guest, Rick Ryan’s friend Tom Wiger, and we had a compliment of dive groupies… Mercy Zepp, Amy Mcrae, and Lori “Standring” ( trying to help you out here Lori !) and then of course Lori & Jamie’s 2 canines. The groupies enjoyed 2 days of shopping, hiking and site-seeing and once again we thank them for their support.


A fair number of us returned on Sunday evening through Sombra, Ontario / Marine City, Michigan on the ferry because of the long delays on the approach to, and over the Blue Water Bridge. If you are in Canada and returning on a weekend you may want to consider this alternative route. It will most definitely save you time and stress !


At the completion of the weekend we have three club divers with new certifications…

Mike Speer / Advanced Open Water Diver, Shayna Moore / Drysuit Diver, and Doug Rezanka / Drysuit Diver…. Congratulations !!


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