Michigan Sea Snooper 2017 Calendar of Events

Event Event Leader
January 1st New Years Day Drift-Port Huron Club
3rd Sea Snoopers Meeting Crash Landing
14th Bowling and Burgers Doug
21st Card Night - CANCELLED TBD
February 7th Sea Snoopers Meeting - Club Dues Due Tonight Crash Landing
10th Movie Nite Tim M
24th-26th Ski Weekend (Crystal Mtn) Tim M
March 7th Sea Snoopers Meeting - Equip List Loon River
10th or 11th Comedy Club TBD
24th or 25th Casino Night TBD
31st Wine Tasting Chris & Dennis
April 4th Sea Snoopers Meeting Loon River
23rd-26th Florida Keys Mark R
May 2nd Sea Snoopers Meeting Loon River
6th Checkout Dive Safety Officer
20th Checkout Dive Safety Officer
June 7th Sea Snoopers Meeting Loon River
17th-18th Traverse City CANCELLED
25th Sanilac Charter Tracy
26th July 4th Party in Detroit Mike R
July 11th Sea Snoopers Meeting Loon River
8th-9th Alpena Dennis H
16th Scuba CanUSA Red Devil
22nd-23rd Tobermory (DATE CHANGE POSSIBLE) Tracy
August 1st Sea Snoopers Meeting Southern Cross
6th-10th Isle Royale Dennis F
26th-27th Cheboygan CANCELLED
September 1st-4th Camping/Canoeing-Kayaking Jackie
5th Sea Snooper Meeting Loon River
9th-10th Straits of Mackinac Mike R
14th-17th Oktoberfest (Frankenmuth) TBD
October 1st Incorporation Papers Due Treasurer
3rd Sea Snooper Meeting - Equip List Loon River
20th Haunted House TBD
24th Domain Name renewal Due Webmaster
November 3rd or 4th Movie Nite TBD
7th Sea Snoopers Meeting Loon River
December 2nd Sea Snoopers Christmas Party TBD
5th Sea Snoopers Meeting Loon River
24th Christmas Eve Dive - Marine City Club

** Dates Subjected to Change

St. Clair River dives and treasure hunting occur weekly during the dive season.  Attend a meeting to find out more details!

Page revised 7 June 2017

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