DIVE on a Norwegian Cruise?
Courtesy of Dennis Fisher 

These are tour notes on the Norwegian Wind cruise line from a scuba diver’s viewpiont. We used this cruise line to visit the following islands; Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel. This way, we can pick our island of choice to visit for a longer period of time.

The cruise line we picked was the only one to offer pre-schedule of dive packages. They pick very good dive charters for this trip. The best was Belize at Hugh Parkey’s dive charters. This group went extra mile to help us with the diving. The divemaster was Karim and with other members Roscoe, Alex George and Captian Richard.

The bad points of this cruise ship was the way they handled the divers. Their idea was to meet at the front of the ship and carry all equipment down to the back of the boat. Also, bring a snack for all dives because of the schedule and you end up with no lunch. Oh, for you nautical buffs, bow, stern, aft, below.

Your question is which island we like? Island of Cozumel is the answer.


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