This "ARTICLES and EVENTS" page is made possible by the members of the Michigan Sea Snoopers dive club. Through their valuable contributions, you will continually find new and interesting items here about how much we love diving. We also have dive site reports under our Michigan Diving section.

Tobermory 2006 - courtesy Kevin Zepp

Straits 2006 - courtesy Kevin Zepp

Red Ball Run - courtesy Betty Gibson

Bikini Trip Report - courtesy Dennis Fisher

Christmas Party 2000 summary - courtesy Chris Sytek

New Year's Drift 2001 summary - courtesy Chris Sytek

Bottle Club Presentation - courtesy Marko Tomko

Cozumel Trip Report (w/ pictures) - courtesy Dave Weatherup

My Dive Buddy - courtesy Jerry Crowl

Snooper wedding pictures - courtesy Lisa Graf

Galapagos Trip Report (offsite) - courtesy Mark & Lisa Graf

Snooper Oktoberfest 2001 - courtesy Lisa Graf

Scapa Flow Trip Report 2001 - courtesy Dennis Fisher

Shark Tooth diving - South Carolina - courtesy Marko Tomko

Dive on a Norwegian Cruise? - courtesy Dennis Fisher


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