Recent Dives


Snoopers in the Straits. This is the recently discovered/released Dolphin. Wonderful wreck.

Location: Straits of Mackinac

Date: 20Aug22 – 21Aug2022

Snoopers make the drive to Isle Royale for a week of diving on the Discovery with Captain Ryan.

Location: Isle Royale

Date: 31July – 04Aug2022

Snoopers are testing out our gear in anticipation of the 2022 diving season.

Location: Gilboa Quarry, Ohio

Date: 23-Apr-2022

50 dives or 500 dives- we can all benefit from practice and improve.

Location: Anchor Bay Aquatics Center

Date: 18-Feb-2022

Location: Kiefer Park

Dive or wreck: St. Clair New Year’s River Float

Date: 01-Jan-2022


Location: Straits of Mackinac.

Dive or wreck: Cedarville

Location: Straits of Mackinac

Dive or wreck: Mackinac City

Location: Lake Michigan

Dive or wreck: Thomas Hume