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Key Largo, Florida

River Diving Conditions

  • Some of the most valuable resources to the St. Clair River diver are the water treatment plants located along the US side between Port Huron and Algonac.  Several times daily they perform water measurements in the river to access its turbidity (T) and temperature.  This is a logorithmic index of water clarity.  The lower the number, the clearer the water. 
    • T=0.05- tap water
    • T=0.4-0.5- visibility of 30-50 feet
    • T= 1.0- visibility of about 15-20 feet
    • T= 10- visibility of about 5-10 feet
    • T= 22- visibility of about 6 inches
  • MARINE CITY:  WATER PLANT 810-765-8087
  •  ST. CLAIR:  WATER PLANT 810-329-7121 
  • PORT HURON:  WATER PLANT 810-984-9780
  • ALGONAC:  WATER PLANT 810-794-3281

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Gear We Use

  • BC’s
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